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How to Recover Deleted Posts In Blogger

My real experience with the deleted posts

Every day I try to develop my blog by designing my website, one day I decided to create a labels(categories),so people can easily access my website by directly clicking on what they I separated all my posts by categories.In that time i selected some of the posts for assigning their category and I went to second page,that time I noticed one unwanted post I did I selected that post and deleted.

I think you can guess what happened now.Unfortunately I forgot my first page posts and they also get selected.then I went back to first page half of the post was invisible.then only I realized that I deleted along with the posts which i decided to separate categories(labels).

Imagine my situation!!!

I has many popular posts which gives me huge traffic to my I was very wex!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and very that time I thought I can’t recover my deleted can guess now in that time I can only get help with two popular items!!!!!!!!!!
That is,

First thing the
# Google
And second none other than,
# Youtube

First I decided to go with google.Now I don’t want tricks!!! But just the solution.just with little confidence I typed in google search box like...How to re-cover deleted posts

“ How to re-cover deleted posts”

Then my confidence increased little bit higher and higher.because the results said that’s possible to re-cover the deleted posts.ahhhhh!!!!! I released my long breath!!!!!!!!!! Then I studied some articles to get back my posts .it posted like we can't get back our post dates and links back.but we can get the copy of our posts.but getting posts itself,we will be very thankful to those persons who created the solution.

so I will teach you easily for how to re-cover our deleted posts .see below for solution and if you ready to share your stories too.we will be ready to hear happily just comment us your experience shortly as your wish.because I know if you will be here,definitely you will have your own stories about losing your post.kindly share with us shortly…

" Steps to  Recover Deleted Posts In Blogger "

Step 1: Go to google and type as 
              " (your "

For example :  " "

Step 2: Now there are many results which belonged     
            to you is displayed

Step 3: If you got your deleted post in your results.don't                   click directly the link and you can see one small 
            down arrow on every result. click on that and 
            select "cached" (as seen below in screenshot)

Example :

Step 3: Your post is displayed now,copy your posts and 
            as usual create new post and paste the content
            and title from the cached post

                                      Example :

Step 4: Now publish your old deleted post again!!!!!! 
            Enjoy recovering ur post......!!!!!!!!!!!

" only the thing is you will lost your comments but your can re-cover your post back"

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