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Uc Browser VS Dolphin Browser - Which Is Best ?

Default browsers in mobiles

   Do you Notice,when you bought a new mobile we will see the default browsers which already pre-installed on our mobile.But we use those browsers to download another browser "lol..." in order to get some quality browsers.After that many people even forget about those default browsers.

" Browsers are like door in a home "

      Browsers are the intermediate between the " Users and the information ".Like a man behind a door ready to go out!!!.In olden days before the internet was invented " you know how we browse " Just going out and collection information.Example : To buy a vegetables,finding local electronic stores,Even for sharing some information with our friends etc..,

    Now browsers do exactly what we done in olden days,we browse to get the information or product in order to reach them in a easy way.You know every human like finding information in a easy way.Browsers lift you see what is behind the wall and you will jump the wall and search what is behind the wall.

Search Engine Will come after Browser !!!

     Now your eyes will play the " Search Engine " role by searching for your football which you hit behind the wall.If your eyes find many will probably look for your football.

Search Results and Keywords takes place here

Now search engine asks you " what you want " you enter the keyword " your football " 

" Your football "
" John football "
" Sara football "
" Michel football "
" Kevin football "

I think Now you can realize " how would you searched your football in olden days and in browsers  
Game Start's Now

We have seen some wide comparison between

Opera vs UC browser

But do you know UC Broser vs Dolphin is trending now !!!

UC Browser VS Dolphin Browser

Comparison of UC Browser VS Dolphin Browser  

  We can compare these two browsers in terms of launching speed,browsing speed,quality of content,downloading section RAM etc..,

1. Launching speed of browsers :

UC Browser : when opening the uc browser on your mobile,usually uc browser take few seconds to load their homepage

Dolphin browser : If you click on the dolphin browser to launch it will load their homepage within a second.

2. Browsing speed :

Uc browser : Uc browser is pretty speed in their browsing and when you come back to previous page by pressing back while browsing it will not load will come back to previous page within a fraction of a second

Dolphin browser : Approximately same speed you will experience in dolphin browser but when we returning to previous page it will load again to get back to the same page that you visited.

3. Quality of contents :

Uc browser & Dolphin browser : You may think,why i joined both browsers now.Its because,both browsers are good in terms of quality and clarity(clean & clear).when i writing this post i thought to give it to one browser.Unfortunately both are played good in terms of quality.

4. Downloading section :

UC browser : Uc browser is well-known for its downloads.In fact the users in opera mini will shift to UC,because of its speed and resume ability. you can even pause today and download another week or month-just for example.

Dolphin browser : Actually downloading speed is same but some files could not able to download in dolphin browser in a random time.But no problem,its better than opera mini.

 5.RAM (You can see in task manager):

 " The less RAM the application take, the more apps you can run on a same time " depends upon your mobile RAM(512Mb,1gb,2gb etc..,) so when comparing these brosers by RAM 

" UC browser takes less RAM than Dolphin "

but if you want any browser that takes less RAM than these browsers,i recommend you to use Opera mini.

Do you know !!! 

Opera mini mostly focus on speed of loading and RAM.Even now the 3G and 4G are popular,95 percentage of the persons in the world use 2G only because of cheap opera mini tries to load the content fast to their users.Its a good idea but content quality is not more than UC and dolphin.

so, these are the first main things you have to see in browsers,other features are apart from i think you are looking for the result...right !!!!!!!

Both are great in the main features of browsers.You know 
" I am using all these 3 browsers "

Opera mini
Dolphin browser and also
UC browser

>>I am using opera mini for the speed of loading...

>>I am using dolphin browser in terms of flexibility 

>>I am using UC browser for its downloading speed and resume capability

so i prefer you to use " Dolphin Browser " mostly. Because you will feel different experience in this beautiful browser.UC and opera are always good and quality browsers.we can't refuse that.Although give a chance to Dolphin browser too...and if you feel to use 3 browsers like me...No will feel the difference in these three browsers like me...

If you know any other main difference between these 3 browsers ( uc browser ,dolphin browser and opera mini ) kindly comment are always welcome...because i love all these 3 browsers...

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  1. Excellent info...i like dolphin browser

  2. UC is the best browswer

    1. yeah...UC is always best...but we want to respect the other browsers too...

  3. Dolphin rocks.. so user friendly...

    1. yeah...i think dolphin is the silent alternative to uc browser !

  4. And what about Ram Comparison, I mean which one out of these biggies like opera, uc, dolphin is ram friendly??

    1. yeah....that's what mentioned in point-2 The browsing speed...

    2. But I guess ram is a different thing. I did use this year award winning maxthon browser but it used almost 50+ mb ram, so I removed it
      And now I wanna know which one is best in terms of least ram hungry??

    3. yeah...i got gave a useful suggestion...i will add this in this article...i researched it...the result is

      UC Browser takes less memory(RAM) than Dolphin browser

      And if you want any browser that use less memory(RAM)I Recommend opera takes very less space by their data compression method

    4. Opera Mimi is great. Only problem is page rendering.

  5. I do not really care about ram and stuff but which of them compresses data the best? in terms of images and text?

    1. Good question...UC browser is best in compression technology but it does not support the flash..but thats not a big deal

  6. Uc browser is better. I used both but the main drawback in dolphin is that it doesn't resize text which is irritating if u r reading a newspaper article n scrolling left n ryt. Other than that both r fyn

  7. I love dolphin 🐬, but I will see if uc is good and Opera too. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . O+D+U=best browsers

  8. Which one loads the video faster

  9. On my old tablet with android 4.1 i had lot of lag with dolphin. UC works much better. Better than opera classic. Didn't try opera mini. UC does videos nice.

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  16. uc browser one of best browser with high speed browsing

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

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