Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Disk Is Write Protected - Sandisk Error (Solution or No Solution)

The Disk Is Write Protected

" The disk is write protected " is an error in sandisk mostly it happens when you are removing the pendrive without giving " safely remove hardware " option which is in the taskbar or when you are copying some files pc to mobile.

Actually i am writing this post because i experienced this problem day before yesterday night.I am very upset because its not only the error.I did this to my friend pendrive.I don't know what i can do this for my friend.its an 8Gb good condition pendrive.Now you may think its an small matter " why i have to worry !!!" if its my pendrive i don't want to convince anybody but this was my friend pendrive so i am little bit sad and ask myself two questions

That was

1. Why i removed the pendrive without giving eject option even while its in transferring process ?

2. How i can convince him ( I know its small matter,anyway i worried )

These two questions forced me to search the solution !!!

I done googling for the solution

I seen many youtube videos that  how to solve" the disk is write protected error " while there were many negative comments that given solution is not working.whenever i am searching for the tutorials or articles for solving the problem i used to see the comments in the websites and you can get some confidence that your problem can solve or i tried the steps given in websites and youtube eventhough it has negative comments but still i did not got the correct solution.

So i has one happiness that i can share this experience on my website to keep my visitors and subscribers careful.Just imagine if you have lost some important backup files or personal files in the pendrive.

Actually Even now there is no proper solution for this !!! 

sorry to say this , assume your pendrive is converted into writable - cd, only you can view the files so you can't move,copy or delete the files anymore.If you have the Proper solution kindly comment on this post.we will be very thankful to you.If you have warranty period sill,you can replace the pendrive by new one by contacting sandisk provider.


Kindly don't worry about your pendrive

1.Now you got some knowledge that how to handle pendrive

2.How to face these kind of problems

3.The importance of backup 

4.And the main thing is " These problems make you to think and digg your creativity "

Anyway,hope this post is useful to everyone

Thanks for reading !!!

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