Monday, September 8, 2014

How To Find The Background Downloading Progress

Do you have problem in browsing speed even if you have greater speed.Maybe this would be a reason.I found this when after formatting my laptop,I installed my data card software and started browsing I found that my speed was decreased nearly 75%.I Wonder what taking this to decrease this much.Then i realize that,when i am formatting my lap,i chose the option "Automatically download the recommended updates " So everytime when updates are available,your computer will download the updates automatically without our permission

So i recommend you guys to Don't choose that option mostly,if you want the updates,there is an another option called " Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them " so you could have a control over when to download your updates by choosing this option.

The Most Recommended Option :


Then you will get a better browsing and downloading speed sure !!

I personally recommend this option because this option doesn't let your device to automatically download the updates and also you can escape from the "Windows is not genuine " Problem.It is one of the big headache problem,i think some of them know this problem,if you don't know,Google it !!!.It will not allow you to even to have a wallpaper.When you are restarting your system ,wallpaper will be taken out.And you will notice a greater decrease in system performance and speed.

Most of us would get the " COPY OF WINDOWS " from our friends or others.People who buy original os is very rare.So always choose this "Never Check For Updates" Option to get rid of these problems.

I hope this information would be helpful for you !! have a nice day ...

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